Exercises For Lower Back Pain

Injury, stress, stress, and weak core strength can contribute to lower back pain. If you suspect you are injured, see your doctor before beginning any physical activity. Chronic lower back pain can be a sign of a serious medical condition.

Stress related back pain can be caused from constantly using bad form to perform daily living activities, carrying heavy purses or bags, and/or using poor posture. To avoid stress related back pain, become aware of your form and use your abdominals to keep your back straight. Learn the proper techniques for lifting or carrying and minimize the weight of bags or purses. If you carry a backpack distribute the weight as evenly as possible and only carry what you really need.

Strain can be caused placing too much stress on the back as well as a sudden jolt or twist or lifting items that are too heavy or awkward. Again, learn the proper lifting techniques, and use equipment designed for lifting heavy or awkward items such as carts and furniture dollies. Don’t forget to ask for help if you need it.

Strong abdominal and back muscles will help support the lower back and decrease the incidence of lower back pain.

Immediate Care For Lower Back Pain

Always follow the package directions when using any over the counter medications, creams, or ointments. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Using these medications can cause liver damage. Seek a doctor’s opinion for pain lasting longer than seven days.


  • Ibuprofen, NSAID’s, Tylenol, or over the counter meds designed for lower back pain
  • Heating Pad for 20 Minutes
  • Over the counter creams, gels, patches
  • Rest


Care for Back Strain


  • Use immediate care suggestion listed above
  • Always allow proper time to recover
  • Seek medical advice for pain lasting longer the 10 days
  • Drink plenty of water to allow for proper muscle recovery
  • Consume enough nutrient dense calories to support muscle recovery


Exercises For Lower Back Pain

Prevention and safety is the best way to avoid lower back pain, before beginning any new exercises for lower back pain always consult your physician.

  • Ab Crunches
  • Ab Crunches on a stability ball
  • Oblique crunches
  • Planks
  • Super Man 


Other Helpful Information

  • Exercises for lower back pain are only part of a healthy routine to maximize quality of life.
  • There several references including books, videos, and websites can be found. Always use proper form when performing exercises
  • Strengthening core muscles will decrease chances of muscle injury due to muscle weakness as well as help improve posture
  • Keeping body fat within a normal range will lower the strain placed on the lower back and decrease the possibility of injury.

Getting plenty of rest each night and after performing exercises for lower back pain is a key component to back health along with a healthy diet and lifestyle.