Best Cardio Machine

In order to find the best cardio machine you will need to ask yourself a few basic questions. How much am I willing or able to spend?  How much space do I have? How often will I be using my cardio machine? What are my physical capabilities and goals?

Cost will be a major deciding factor in what type of cardio equipment to purchase. If you have an unlimited budget, your choices are unlimited. In that instance the other questions will be more applicable to you. However, if you live within a budget you will need to decide how to get the most for your money. Your budget will determine if you can get a high end elliptical machine or a jump rope.

Space is a huge factor in making your investment decision. Do you have room for a treadmill or large elliptical machine or will you need to conserve space by purchasing a mini trampoline. Investing in a gym membership allows you the option of having a variety of cardio equipment and doesn’t affect your living space.

If you plan to use your cardio equipment four or more times a week you will need a good quality machine that is well built and durable.  If you choose to purchase a new machine it will be worth the investment to have the store assemble it for you. If you are purchasing used equipment make sure you try it out first and look for missing or loose parts. If you buy online make sure that your equipment comes with a guarantee.

Another important decider in choosing the best cardio equipment is determining what you can safely do physically and what your goals are. If you are looking to add convenience and want to supplement your normal routine then choosing a model without too many bells and whistles may be what you are looking for. If you have specific goals in mind, you will need a cardio machine that has variety of settings and options that you can adjust your needs change. This is also a good option if you have a tendency to get bored easily. Comfort level is going to be important if you have physical limitations. If you have knee, back, or other weaknesses or injuries, you will need to choose a machine that is comfortable and will not aggravate or worsen your injuries. Height and weight will play a role as well. If you are less than five feet tall you will not want equipment that is intended for a professional basketball player and vice versa.

In order to make a good decision in choosing the best cardio machine for yourself, it is best to invest a little time and research into it. I consider the elliptical machine and treadmill to be the best cardio machines available. You can get great deals on new or used equipment. Good luck on your search and with you goals.