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Nutrition For Teens, How To Promote Healthy Eating For Active Teens

In American culture today everything is face paced including mealtimes. Teens begin their day by grabbing pre-cooked, pre-packaged snacks that are full of empty calories. At lunch they choke down the treats packed in their lunch or grab cookies in the lunch line. By the time dinner comes around they are scrambling to get something […]

Good Nutrition For Kids Starts Early

  Tips for pregnancy prep If you haven’t already, develop a healthy exercise routine (ideally one year or more before pregnancy). Clean up your diet by eliminating poor habits such as soda’s and sugary drinks, high sugar snacks and foods. Balance your diet with lean meats, lots of vegetables, whole grains, and fruits sparingly. Drink […]

Muscle Pain And Weight Training

Muscle pain caused by delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) can be a good sign that you are getting all that you can out of your workouts. It can also be a sign that you are performing weight training exercises and routines improperly. Ensuring Correct Form While Performing Exercises Always consult your doctor before beginning any […]

Healthy Fitness Is A Great Muscle Builder

Whether you are trying to lose fat, tone up, or build muscle mass it is always important to consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise program. Beginning Your Program for Muscle Growth The well-rounded fitness program contains a good weight training program, cardiovascular exercise, and a healthy nutrition program. Start out with light weights […]

Muscle Growth Supplements, What You Need To Know

Muscle growth supplements have been around for decades. In the past they have typically been geared for men but with the growing need for supplements for women there have been products developed specifically for women athletes. While most products have been developed with research, safety, and proven efficacy, there are always products that are unsafe […]

Low Carb Diet Plans for Women

Low carb diet plans have been around for decades and have been recommended by doctors for years. It wasn’t until recently that they have become extremely popular. Essentially, the low carbohydrate diet eliminates most or all calories from carbohydrates and focuses on heavy protein consumption as a way to lose weight. Low carb diet plans […]

Low Calorie Snacks To Aid in Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight and enjoy grazing on food all day, you are in luck! You can eat up to six meals a day and still lose weight! How Can Eating More Often Helping Me Lose Weight? Digesting food actually burns calories and some foods such as celery burn more calories to […]

Making Healthy Snack Bars At Home Has Many Benefits.

Making your own healthy snacks and snack bars is not only nutritious but can also be cost efficient and environmentally friendly. With the modern economy and the recession our awareness of waste has increased. Finding new ways to save is becoming a popular trend. Nutritional Benefits For Making Your Own Healthy Snack Bars You can […]

Healthy Kid Snacks, Put Down Those “Fruit” Gummies!

Providing children with healthy snacks is a small part of developing healthy eating habits that will grow with your child into adulthood. It is vital that we teach a healthy lifestyle to children by first setting a good example.     As adults it is our responsibility to provide healthy options for the children in […]

Exercises For Lower Back Pain

Injury, stress, stress, and weak core strength can contribute to lower back pain. If you suspect you are injured, see your doctor before beginning any physical activity. Chronic lower back pain can be a sign of a serious medical condition. Stress related back pain can be caused from constantly using bad form to perform daily […]